About US

There is a joint venture known as The Personage that is run by Personage Team. It is planned to make a large database of famous people from around the world in order to collect information about them. This is the very first time that the mission of the project is to provide a comprehensive overview of the different celebrities.

There are many types of professions available around the world as we all know. There are some people who made these professions more famous. They become the idol of those professions. The personage is working with them.

Those professional celebrities will be introduced to you here as a part of this presentation. Among the many things we love to mention about our guests are their height, weight, real name, date of birth, and on and on.

There are many people working on the back end of this website in order to build this huge database. A few of them find out the name of that personage, others collect data about that personage, and the rest of them handle the data and arrange it in a meaningful way.

After quality checking, other team members publish the information on the web: exactbiopoint.com

We are grateful for the different sources online. Wikipedia is one of the great sources from where we collect our data. We love to thank the different online newspapers around the world that are making news on different celebrities. The encyclopedia is another great source where we collect information.

This project would not have been possible without the YouTube contributors whose help made the project a lot easier. Last but not the least, the users of this website and our team members are one of the most important parts of this website. I believe this large collection of data would not have been possible without their help. A very large percentage of the pictures we collect come from social media websites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Thank you to everyone.